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I am a Transformational Coach, certified in Life Confidence Coach, Mindfulness Master Practitioner, Yoga Nidra and Meditation Teacher. I am here to make you live your life in a mindful way, living and accepting your present with an open mind and open heart. My goal is to help you to find your inner self and to engage with the present allowing your emotions and feelings to flow in a positive calm way without judgements.

I want you to live your life in your wholeness and authentic power.

I am honoured to have you here in this healing space and I hope you to find something that enlightens you.


Welcome to Healing with Jude and to your new journey.

I believe that life gives you experiences to enlighten and enrich

to make you aware of your present in a calm mindful way.

This has been the way I am living and here my story of self empowerment, self love and self care.


James W.

“I can’t thank Jude enough for his coaching and words of wisdom. My journey with Jude has opened my heart and mind and I feel like I’ve awoken a new person. Prior to starting coaching I felt nervous but Jude made me feel comfortable from the get go. Jude helped me explore mindfulness in ways that empowered me to take control of my own thoughts and life. Jude has a true gift and I can’t recommend him enough, we all need a Jude in our lives!”


Aseyah P.

"I am so grateful to Jude for sharing his knowledge and guiding me through my healing journey which has lead me to ground and love myself in ways I had not known.
His coaching was lead with an open heart heart which enlightened my soul and made me feel so comfortable in his presence. 
He truly listened with patience and compassion and the most beautiful aspect was how Jude gently opened up paths for me deepen my own thought process, recollection and clarity. This built my resilience and empowered me which was so healing within it self.

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