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Awakening with love

How to understand the real meaning of self love and engage with the love already present in you.


Awakening with love is a 4 hour workshop where you will be guided through the real meaning of Self love and self care. 

In this journey, you will be given the tools you need to improve your relationship to yourself enabling self love and accept love and share love the world around you.

Nowadays, Self love is a big topic that most of the time is explained incorrectly but also misunderstood.

That’s why in this workshop we will work through the basis to build up our own personal meaning of self love.


​In this workshop will be shared tools, exercises and much more than you can use to balance your heart and soul into self love.


During this workshop you will learn:

  • The power of listening

  • Understand your limits transform them

  • Balance out your life vs love addiction

  • Learn how to keep track of your progress

  • Build up unconditional love and self care

  • Blow away self sabotage and self judgement 

  • Learn the real meaning of self love

“When I learned about Self love I was confused by how much information was given outside, most of the time I was giving up because no one was there to explain to me how personal can be Self love.

In this workshop I want to create the foundation of self love with you, clarifying your understanding of self love. I share my coaching tools but also personal experiences that you can resonate and learn how sometimes we forget we are already loving ourselves without knowing it.”



Awakening with love

April 3rd 2021

On Zoom