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Awakening your present

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Awakening your present

Awakening your present is a 4 hours workshop where you will learn the powerful connection with your inner child, to use to heal your present.

In this journey you will be guided, to understand how our mind works and how it is easy to break free from past and future using your inner child skills. You will learn to understand, listen and connect with your inner child with tools and exercise that will keep you grounded and open to your emotions.


Inner child is an important being, during your healing journey because you don’t learn to connect with, it will be always really challenging how you will engage with your present.

“My connection with my inner child really helped me to understand all the mistakes I was doing and redoing trying to be present when actually I was just living fearful of the past and anxious about the future.

When I’ve learnt to connect with my Inner child everything became clear, still and present.

The connection that we create with our thoughts can be really toxic but if we listen, respect and grow our inner child, balance and stillness will come to life.

In this workshop I share my knowledge and wisdom about this topic with my mindfulness and coaching tools but also with my personal experience.”


In this Workshop, I will share all the tools you need to be more present with yourself and with your emotions.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • Difference between mind and memories

  • Learn how your mind works

  • Learn the meaning of re-action

  • How to connect with your inner child

  • Use your inner child to heal yourself

  • Being present with your emotions and feelings

  • Listen, heal and grow your inner child 



Awakening your present

17th October 2021

On Zoom