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Soul surgery:
heal your true self

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Soul surgery:

heal your true self

In our healing journey, we can find many obstacles that stop us from creating awareness on what we are actually being part of. More importantly, we tend to think we are true to ourselves not realizing that most of the time, we are lying to our true selves. Going on a healing journey can be difficult without the right guidance and even harder without bringing awareness of where we are right now.

Over the next 10 days, we will together walk through our personal soul surgery, healing our true selves during our personal healing journey. In this course, I will help you to really understand the right steps you have to take to be able to create awareness of what you are doing on your healing journey, giving you tools and exercises to be more here and now.


Each day, there will be different topics starting from


Who we are

Passing through the truth about your inner child

Writing down our real stories

without using self-judgment or shame

to finish off the healing of your true self


After these 10 days together, you will see the difference of going on your own healing journey, using the obstacles as points of important transformations in yourself.



Soul Sourgery: heal your true self

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