Dance Healing group Therapy

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Dance healing theraphy

Dancing is the best way to heal our soul, body and mind.

The power of dancing can completely change the vision of our day but also create an important awareness towards where we are and how to deal with many situations we face each day.

Group dance therapy is a place where you can be yourself with no fears of dealing with your emotions.

It is a place of love and fun where movement, smile and laugh are what we will build together to give us power in our life.

The group dance therapy is for anyone that wants to engage with music and sound allowing just to letting go.

You don’t need to be a dance or have a specific body rhythm, you just need to be there and be preparing to have a lot of fun together.

During the session is up to you if you want to keep the webcam on or off.

I just want you to be as much comfortable you want.

"Dancing for me is the realisation i am connected entirely with mother nature.

I cry, I scream and I laugh through all the dancing processes, allowing myself to letting go to become my true self.

Dancing is an important tool to connect with what you have inside and what you want to build up."

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