Soul Surgery:
The master of being

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Soul Surgery:
The master of being

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A 8 weeks live guided program to provide you awareness of being here and now.

With step by step methods, to help you to clarify your healing process and become mindful of your life experiences and choices.

We will together accept the past, seed the present and collect in the future, without worrying about the income but just living what our emotions have to give to us now.


Allowing vulnerability to be part of us without any self judgement involved. You will understand how your mind uses self sabotage and mind traps to keep you inside of your comfort zone. You will learn to open up to your life living any emotion, sensation and feeling as an integrated part of your life and not as something to be scared of.


We will walk together through this journey learning and sharing the importance of vulnerability, listening and loving the powerful souls we are.

No matter how high the waves will be in your life, you will be able to surf it in a mindful way.


How will benefit?

  • You will receive a guided process live with me with weekly exercise and daily assistance with myself and the group.

  • How to understand the meaning of living in the present without worrying about the past and future.

  • How to engage with your true self, learning how to engage with emotions, sensations, feelings and vulnerability.

  • How to learn to be present and to understand when self sabotage will come to visit your mind.

  • How to break free from any self judgement, fear and confusion.

  • In this healing journey together you will learn that to balance out your life, you still need to face the true reality of life experiences without being fearful of the income.

By the end of these 8 weeks you will be grounded, mindful and joyful.


The webinar will be weekly on Sundays 7pm cest for 3 hours sessions with Q&A.

Between sessions you will be asked to do exercises to help you through this soul surgery.

It will be given to you tools and worksheets to help you during this process.

There will be a Facebook group where you can share your journey daily , ask questions and more.

I will help you through this process daily.


Course overview

Week 1: Welcome Journey: Where do I belong?

Learn about the meaning of the healing journey, the use of journaling and breathing. Understanding the difference between living now and living in the past and future.


Week 2: The Jump into the unknown.

Build awareness into the beginning of the healing journey engaging with high and flight mode, mind traps, 5 senses and informal meditation.


Week 3: Honouring the inner child

Understanding the connection between childhood and adulthood and the way we lived through this process called life. Connecting with our inner child using the power of listening.


Week 4: Listening to Self

Reclaiming your power on learning about mind, body, heart and instincts. Learning about Parts and self healing.


Week 5: Reward your soul

Building up your confidence using the tool of soul rewarding to keep yourself on track of your needs. Listening to limits and learning about emotions.


Week 6: Value and new Beginnings

Creating and refreshing your own values using 7 pillars of mindfulness, opening up yourself to vulnerability and creating the base of your new self


Week 7: Where am I now?

Planning your journey weekly, understanding the importance of checking your steps and learning from any challenges you will face through your life journey.


Week 8: The mastery of being

Building up Self, awareness, self love and being ready to start your new journey without engaging with self doubt, self sabotage and fear.


“I believe that in a healing journey, we jump into the unknown and most of the time we get lost. 

I’ve created this 8 weeks life program to guide you, in this powerful journey into the unknown without having fear of being lost. I am giving to you my knowledge and wisdom as a Transformational Coach and human that lived this journey with great ups and downs.

Soul surgery: the mastery of being is your opportunity to break free from any boundaries and fear that keeps you attached into your self sabotage and comfort zone.

Everything I share with you here I lived first, and I promise you, that you will be free from many destroying mechanism and finally living the power as it comes."

This course is for anyone that urges the need to be guided through a personal healing journey but are afraid of the jump into the unknown. 

If you feel overwhelmed, caged but with this strange sensation of I want to break free this course is for you.


Course start November 7, 2021

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    Soul Surgery: The mastery of Being.
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    Soul Surgery: The mastery of Being