I offer a series of one to one sessions to guide you and support you in a new path in your life.


My main focus is to make you live a life in total mindfulness and awareness of yourself in this world.

Being also a Confidence coach we will work through what means confidence to you and how to evolve yourself in this moment.

I acquired set of tools and resources which I provide during our session to make your journey easy and comfortable

One of them is Meditation, that I teach with different intensity levels. 

And connection with your energy with crystals and natural tools such us sage and palo santo

Each session will be designed towards you to make sure you can easily holds the reins of your life.

It is a an open and safe space for you, your feelings and emotions.

During these sessions we will cover:

  • Connection with your heart, purpose and vision

  • How it works your thoughts vs reality

  • Living in total mindfulness

  • Work/life balance

  • Wellbeing

  • Self acceptance

  • Self care and self love

  • Energy balance 

And along the way we will work together to:

  • Transform your life living the present with compassion, neutrality, stillness and no judgements

  • Live in fully awareness of your emotions accepting and trusting them in a open way

  • Live good and bad experiences as an observer  

  • Accept your past focusing just on the present moment

  • Accept who you are in an calm and easy way

  • Balance your energy

Are you lacking of confidence? Is your life out of your hands? Do you feel life is treating your unfairly? Are you living the past and not the present moment? Do you feel your emotions are overwhelming you? Are you stuck without knowing where to go? Are you living in the darkness without seeing any lights? Do you feel a lack of energy?


Healing with Jude is for you. I will be your guide through all your confusion making yourself and your life powerful and in total clarity.

I work with men and women for all ages and all life stages that are looking to enhance their life with their own power and strength. Because the power you are looking for is inside of you.