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My story

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I was born in Rio De Janeiro where I lived for 11 years to then move to Italy where I stayed for 15 years.

After that was my time to live in London for 6 years to then end up finding my place back in Italy in Lake Como.

My family heritage comes from the Indios of the Amazon rainforest, Dutch, African, Portuguese and Colombian (all running in my blood in an equal way.)

I grow up with a great acknowledge of my spiritual energy thanks to all the stories passed from generations from my grandmother to my mother and to me (my mother and Grandmother. ) Both taught me the importance of grounding and being ready to live the present accepting the past and being aware of my emotions and feelings.


From darkness to light


When I was a kid I used to be a sensitive, curious of life and ready to live anything to enhance my life. In my teenage year I’ve changed the way I was living engaging with depression and anxieties, I was unhealthy in the way I was trying to keep calm my moods becoming addicted to loneliness, victimising my life as much as I could.

At 20 I left home to live by myself and from there I started my relationship with my own dark side. I was living an unbalanced life to compensate my constant searching for happiness.

In 2012 I moved to London and there I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

I used my mental health issue as an excuse to live a hectic life that unfortunately ended with an accident that changed my life forever.

After that event I realised that I needed help and I started a journey of healing under the assistants of counselling and friends support.

I became conscious of the fact that mind and body are not two different entities and I should work on both to feel myself again.

When I was starting feeling better, life wanted to challenge me again with the unexpected loss of my father that made me move back to Italy.

In 2017 I returned back to live in Italy and I choose Lake Como where my truly enlightenment began making mental health and mindfulness my priority in life.

In the next year I published my first poetry collection called “Words/Wars” about my struggle with mental health.

In 2019 I decided was my time to help the world so I enrolled for Life Confidence Coach certificate by Transformation Academy and New Skills Academy and after I enrolled for a Mindfulness Practitioner certificate by the Achology LTD.

In the same year I’ve published my second poetry collection called “Sorry, I’m mad” about my journey from darkness to the light that had been launched in Verona at the Libreria "Il Minotauro" with the presence of members of Progetto Itaca one of the most famous Mental Health organisation in Italy.

In 2020 I’ve took my international certificate as Mindfulness Master Practitioner with Mindfulness Educators. I am an accredited and approved member of the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) .

In 2021 I've took the Yoga Nidra Teacher certificate with Arhanta Yoga Ashrams accredited by Yoga Alliance.

Today I am a fully Mindfulness Master PractitionerLife Confidence Coach and Yoga Nidra Teacher ready to give to the world and people the knowledge that the power you seeking for is in you. And you can have it living your life in total awareness, acceptance, neutrality and no judgemental way.

I stand for self love and self care and I am ready to help you with your journey to find your own Enlightenment.

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Don't limit

your happiness


instead grow
it every day